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Established in 1980, Zhuhai Huafa Group Co., Ltd. is the same age as the Zhuhai Special Economic Zone. It is one of the two leading state-owned enterprises in Zhuhai. Since 2016, it has been ranked among the top 500 Chinese companies and the top 500 Chinese service companies. Huafa Group currently holds four listed companies: "Huafa Shares", "Huajin Capital", "Huajin International Capital" and "Huaguan Technology".

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  • 集聚大湾区优质人才壮大创新之城“朋友圈” 第三届高端人才珠海创新创业交流大会12月7日—8日举行 19-12-06 The gathering of high-quality talents in the Greater Bay Area to expand the "friend circle" of the city of innovation The third high-end talent Zhuhai Innovation and Entrepreneurship Exchange Conference was held on December 7-8
  • 法语原版音乐剧《巴黎圣母院》首登珠海三主角畅聊角色命运 19-12-06 The French original musical "Notre Dame de Paris" debuts in Zhuhai's three main characters chats about the fate
  • 第三届“高创会”12月7日举行汇才引智推动珠海创新发展 19-11-29 The third session of the "High- Tech Innovation Conference" was held on December 7 to attract talents to promote Zhuhai's innovation and development
  • 2019珠海国际设计周12月启幕“设计+科技”聚焦城市产业发展新动能 19-11-29 2019 Zhuhai International Design Week kicks off in December "Design + Technology" focuses on new momentum of urban industry development
  • 2019亚洲不动产奖揭晓华发囊括十项大奖实力受国际认可 19-11-29 2019 Asia Real Estate Awards revealed that Huafa has won ten awards and its strength is recognized internationally
  • 让故事传递爱与善良日本绘本大师宫西达也携新书来珠签售 19-11-29Let the story convey love and kindness Japanese picture master Gong Xida also signed a new book to Zhuzhu
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